Dave Martins Guitar / Vocals

Dave Martins
Guitar / Vocals

A Guyanese “country boy” from the small village of Hague, in Guyana, Dave came to Canada as part of the large immigration wave that began in the mid-50′s. He began his full-time music career with his own group “The Latins”, later “The Debonairs”, playing the nightclub circuit in Ontario and the Midwestern U.S.A from the early 1960′s to 1963. He later signed as a song-writer for BMI Canada in 1963, still playing on weekends with the West Indian house band at the Club Tropics in downtown Toronto. In 1966, he formed the Tradewinds, and went back to being a full-time musician.

Clive Rosteing Drums / Vocals

Clive Rosteing
Drums / Vocals

Born in Barataria, Trinidad, Clive played with steelbands and as part of a combo with the respected guitarist Ansell Wyatt. In 1965 he moved to Toronto and began developing his musical skills with the very accomplished “Undergrads” combo. When the Tradewinds original drummer, Kelvin Ceballo, got tired of the road life in 1970, Clive was selected to take over the band’s drum throne and has held it since.



Jeff Japal Keyboards

Jeff Japal

A highly respected musician on the Ontario nightclub circuit from 1976-1980, Jeff came to Canada from his native Grenada in 1975 where he had been a member of a big band, “Fantasies”. When the Tradewinds moved from an all guitars band to a more versatile guitar/keyboard combination in the mid ’70′s, Brian Anderson from St.Vincent had been their first “piano man”. In 1981, Jeff, turning back to his Caribbean roots, took over as the Tradewinds keyboard player.



Harry Cupid Percussion / Vocals

Harry Cupid
Percussion / Vocals

Born in St.Vincent and raised in Barbados, Harry, another immigrant to Toronto, joined the Tradewinds at their popular nightclub “We Place” in Toronto as an occasional sideman, to became a full-time member of the group in 1976.




Richard Terry Bass

Richard Terry

Original Tradewinds bass man Joe Brown, who had influenced many Caribbean musicians during his time with the group, had been replaced by Terry Dyal when the keyboard change was made. (Terry had previously played guitar with the group after Glen Sorzano, the original guitarist, left). When the band moved to the Cayman Islands in 1982, Terry returned to Canada in 1983, and eventually Richard Terry, from Cayman, with wide experience in Caribbean music, took over the bass role in the group and has travelled extensively with the band since.